We all know that we (all moms and dads) are the most excited persons in the earth waiting for our babies to be born...and we will always try to give our best in nurturing them. I always believe that Our Merciful God has given us our beloved babies to colour and brighten our life with full of love and as a completion to our feeling as a human being, to have the pleasure as a mother and father, and to make us more responsible to what we owned. I also believed that nurturing started from inside the womb, then continues till the time of delivery and from the moment our babies started seeing this world. And, I also and always believe in "natural parenting" which help us to bring our children in a healthier, greener & more friendly towards our environment, lesser hassle, and a safer community for the future world. Of all these, this is why I feel that it is very important and "crucial" to start it with breastfeeding.I don't have much to offer all my friends here other than sharing the experiences, supporting each other and experimenting the new tips in growing and nurturing our children in a natural way. So, HAPPY SHARING!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Own Breastfeeding Journey

I am sure that most of you wanted to know whether i successfully breastfeed my babies...and the answer is YES, I AM. I am a working mom who is always busy and have very little time for my family. I always work outstation and unable to come back home for few days. Most of the time, I have to attend courses which will make me away from home for about 1 to 2 weeks.
I married my husband in 2006 and i started thinking about breastfeeding my baby since then (even before i get pregnant)because i was worry about the feeding plan for my future babies since my work schedules are always very hactic and never seems to settle down. I learnt by hard through magazines and internet because I haven't get my "official" breastfeeding education at that time. Only later in that year, i was provided and equipped with my first official knowlegde in breastfeeding management.
As a first mother, I also encountered problems like other first mommies have...all the latch on problems, positioning difficulties, emotionally distress at night due to baby's frequent feeding, nipple pain and sore, nipple cracked and bleeding, the severe breast engorgement which caused fever, but thank God, I did not experience mastitis and breast abscess.
How did I handle these problems? Of course, I CONTINUE to BREASTFEED my baby even my tears dropping very fast and my body & legs shaking to bear with that greatest sored nipple pain. I described the pain as a pricking & stabbing pain...just like if you have a big cut through your skin and it is bleeding, then u squeeze a fresh lime on top of it....YES, That's how i felt last time.
Experiencing all the difficulties did not make me stop that time i always prayed to Allah to give strength to continue breastfeeding since this is my CHOICE and the way I am going to grow my baby.
With all the tight schedule and i did not apply for the extra leave after that 2 months confinement leave, I only successfully breastfeed my first baby exclusively (i mean without adding the artificial formulated milk, water or extra foods) for 6 months. I think that was quite a high achievement for a working mom like me...and even not exclusive, my first baby was continuously breastfed until after the delivery of the younger sister (my second little girl). Then my tandem nursing started.....

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