We all know that we (all moms and dads) are the most excited persons in the earth waiting for our babies to be born...and we will always try to give our best in nurturing them. I always believe that Our Merciful God has given us our beloved babies to colour and brighten our life with full of love and as a completion to our feeling as a human being, to have the pleasure as a mother and father, and to make us more responsible to what we owned. I also believed that nurturing started from inside the womb, then continues till the time of delivery and from the moment our babies started seeing this world. And, I also and always believe in "natural parenting" which help us to bring our children in a healthier, greener & more friendly towards our environment, lesser hassle, and a safer community for the future world. Of all these, this is why I feel that it is very important and "crucial" to start it with breastfeeding.I don't have much to offer all my friends here other than sharing the experiences, supporting each other and experimenting the new tips in growing and nurturing our children in a natural way. So, HAPPY SHARING!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perak Breastfeeding Support Gathering in May 2010

We successfully gathered ourselves on 2nd May 2010, Sunday, at Padang Polo Ipoh. At this session, 13 mothers attended it (not yet including the fathers and children)and this breastfeeding support group gathering was conducted by 2 moderators (me and Nora a.k.a. Mamanoa). We discussed 3 topics related to breastfeeding which are : tandem nursing, issues of low milk supply, and the preparation of a pregnant mother towards exclusive breastfeeding. There were many inputs and outputs from the participants and most of them hope that this kind of gathering will be organised again next time. And I also hope mothers+family could join us in the future since our sessions are very 'santai', family-friendly and an interactive session.

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